My friend Sadie and I went to the Dodger Stadium several weeks ago, and it was so much fun! I’m not a huge fan of baseball, but just being in that environment made the experience so much more exciting. My friend had purchased the tickets online through Groupon (if you’re interested in cheaper tickets, WHO ISN’T, def check them out) for $25. We had really cool seats and sat at the bench area, and we were able to see Kemp doing his booty squat so clearly when he was outfield haha.

HELPFUL TIP: Buy your parking permit online before getting to the game, it’s $25 at the stadium and $15 online. 😉

Once we arrived the first thing on our mind was FOOD. We went straight to go get ourselves some Dodger Dogs and a drink! It was my first time there and I didn’t know there were two different hot dogs sold?? I guess there’s a Dodger Dog and a Brooklyn Dog haha, so make sure you get the Dodger Dog when you go! After our food we went and got a drink, Sadie got some weird pineapple IPA and I got my miche! I had seen how cute they looked on IG in their Dodger cups and so wanted one! But girl, that was the most boujee thing I’ve ever done! The total was $22 hahaha GMFU!!!

Regardless, the experience was so cool! Mila Kunis was there too before the game started doing events with fans on the field, and they even had a pretty firework show at the end of the game. I can’t wait to go back!

So thanks to my Sadie boo for taking me to my first game at the Dodger Stadium, and thank you to the Dodgers for all being fine as hell.

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On 04.12, I decided to be a baddie and skip class to go to the happiest place on earth. 😉 WELL WORTH IT. Once we arrived, we headed to CA Adventures first and were able to get on several rides there. Guardians Of The Galaxy was one of our first big rides, and I really really hate those kinda dropping rides, but ya girl did it anyways. I went on with my cousin and uncle and nearly held on to their hands holding for my dear life.


The back row is my cousin, me, and uncle. I had a Mike Wazowski moment with the lady’s peace sign covering my face…oh! Then we saw baby Groot even though he was ginormous!

After we grubbed on some BOMB ASS tacos. Like ommmfg, I died. They were so amazing. I got barbacoa tacos on a green tortilla which made it look even more aesthetic lol.


PS sorry I don’t know how to rotate this from my laptop. D: any who, they were just beautiful and I’m craving them as I type. Plus we got some miches, SO GOOD. 😉


The last ride we got on there was Radiator Springs which is probs my fav ride there! I adore Cars Land everything is so cute and happy haha!

We headed to Disney after and you already know what was on our mind…MORE FOOD. We all agreed on clam chowder, how are you gonna go to disney and not get clam chowder?!

We were able to get on a ton of rides there. We went on Space Mountain, Indiana Jones (MY FAV), Haunted Mansion (cute story: we heard by cousin scream and his lil baby boy Max ended up biting him hahah!), Tea Cups, Matterhorn (hate this ride, i feel like i need a chiropractor afterwards), and Star Tours.

SO SO SOS SOSOSOOS fun, a day I won’t ever forget!

Ended the day with an ice cream cone with rocky road and coffee ice cream!






Hello hello! It’s been a minute!

SO, after my last blog post a lot has happened! I finished my first year at CBU, went on some cool adventures with friends/fam, and I guess that’s really it? Haha, not a wholeee lot but enough.

My first year at CBU was amazing. Like I literally learned so much and I love when people ask me about my major because it gives me a chance to totally be detailed about my passion! My professors were great, the campus is beautiful, and I met some new friends!

I’m not the person to be super social in new settings, so I knew making friends was gonna be difficult for me. It was until my second semester I met my doll, Mercedes aka sadie boo. She’s so sassy, I love her.

As for my adventures… I MET MY FAV BLOGGER?! That was insane, went to Disneyland with my family, saw Kali Uchis in concert, went to the beach, hiked some new places, tried new coffee shops, tried new food! I’ve been truly l i v i n g, and I am so thankful for all these experiences and memories I was able to make.

But life’s been good, I’ve been good, everything isn’t perfect, but all is well! I feel happy with everything in my life right now, and I’m still constantly learning about myself and being a better me day by day!

I want to go into detail about my past several adventures, so stay updated for more!



NEW JOB – ABA Therapist


The beginning of this year I heard of a position as an ABA Therapist which are people who work with children with autism. I applied randomly because I met all the requirements, but I had 0 idea I’d actually get a call for an interview. I applied to three different places and got called back from all, I was shook. I thought this was too real of a job for me and I didn’t have enough experience, plus I didn’t even have my bachelors yet.

During the interview I was so nervous. It was a group interview & the questions were tough, but luckily I did okay. I found out that day I was hired. The process took foorrevver, but next week it will be my first month working! Right now I work with three clients one-on-one on specific goals for each child. Varying from solving math word problems, being able to complete any kind of task, and responding to gestures.

For those of you who might not know, autism is a condition where one has impaired communication and social interaction.

It’s definitely a challenge especially because each child has a different personality, and some suffer more than others. But it’s totally fulfilling and makes me feel great knowing I’m helping someone who truly needs that extra assistance. Honestly brings true, genuine happiness to my life. ;’) like today my client gave me a keychain picture of him and it was the cutest thing ever! My heart is filled with happiness knowing I’m making a contribution to our littles.

If you feel this is something you’re interested in, you should so look into it. Every program is different, but mine required that I had 2 year experience working with kids, 60 college credit units (I think it helped that I had my associates in social/behavioral science), and be working toward a bachelors in education, child development, communication disorders (that’s what I’m majoring in, yasss), sociology, psychology, etc.

Safe to say that I LOVE my job & I’m so fortunate to have this extra experience to help me interact better with kids later as a speech therapist!




Vivi and I came to The Bean, which is a super cute coffee shop in Murrieta that’s perfect for homework/studying. I had my to-do list all ready and knew I was gonna get so much done today, but I literally caaaaAAAnnot focus. Help. I drank an iced dirty vanilla chai SUPER YUMMY, but makes me SUPER ANCY. I worked on my study guide for my quiz next week, but only got through one slide 😦 lol.

So instead of just being on my scrolling as usual, I thought I’d write what I feel. SO I feel bored. I feel like I’ve been sitting on this chair for too long. My ponytail is really tight but I don’t want to take it down. I feel kinda stressed. I feel like my heart is always beating really fast idk whats wrong with me. I feel like this spring break isn’t much of a break at all. I feel happy because I love my job. I feel good because idk just feel good. I feel like excited because I bought hot cheetos this morning and I can’t wait to get off work later and eat them while netflixin (or hulu’n). Um I really like the decor in this coffee shop. And I want to go to New York. And I’m excited for Disneyland this summer. Ok. My mind’s everywhere, obvi. Y’all ever feel like your mind is too cluttered????

Sorry for a very pointless blog that probably should’ve just gone in a journal or something haha. gbye :’)




During my senior year of HS I had applied to CSU Channel Islands, San Marcos, and Chico. I honestly was SO lost. I remember feeling awful because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I mean I had an idea, but I didn’t feel as passionate as I thought I should (I was a Literature major with the intention of becoming an English professor & I felt so cool being able to say I was a Lit major hahah). Plus, I didn’t see myself really enjoying living at any of these schools for the next four years haha. I had the attitude where I just wanted to leave home until I went apartment hunting with my three close friends from high school where at the time, all planned to go to CSUSM together. I remember thinking to myself how real it was all getting, how expensive it’d all be, and if I really wanted this lifestyle in this location for the next few years. I took that weekend to really think about what was best for me, and I ended coming to the conclusion that it’d be best if I went to community college to have those extra two years to figure my life out! I admit, it SUCKED. Seeing friends leave to go live the “college” life while still being home wasn’t the best feeling, and it made me feel stuck. Btw, this is such a negative mentality that I so wish I could go back and change, but it’s all part of the learning process!

I graduated in 2015 and started taking my summer class a few weeks later. (Side note: Carlos (boo thang) and I just figured out last month we took the same psychology class together summer of 2015!! Haha, life’s so weird! But we never talked until 2 years later, that’s another story I’ll share someday lol.)

My first year was hard. I felt really unmotivated, insecure, and was going through alot in my personal life. Plus I was working ridiculous hours pretty much full-time employee and student. I’m proud of myself for getting through it, but it def was not easy! I remember thinking that it was gonna take forever to finish and that 2 years was too long haha, but o m g. I’m almost done with my junior year at CBU?? Life went by SO fast. I had been jumping around with different majors like: computer science, business, nursing, liberal studies, English, criminal justice, and psychology lol. I was all over the place and was SO indecisive! It was right before my last semester at community college where I was looking into communication disorders and really was so intrigued by it, but feared the courses I’d need to take! This is AWFUL, I was really letting my fears get in the way of choosing my future career…so dumb. *rolls eyes in spanish* I was looking at the courses for the major at CBU and the first couple of classes were like chemistry, general anatomy, statistics, and all these crazy long-named classes and I felt overwhelmed. I felt like I wasn’t capable of that. Ugh, I’m frustrated writing this because I was my worst enemy during this time! I was the one bringing myself down.

If it weren’t for going to community college after high school, I would have been at another school majoring in something just because I didn’t know what else to do. Plus I saved so much choosing to live at home and going to CC. Even though it wasn’t what I envisioned nor what I wanted during my senior year of HS, I am SO happy I took this path. I’m finally studying for what I feel most passionate about (communication disorders) at a school I love (CBU)! Not only did staying local help academically, but I was able to have 3 great jobs that have immensely helped with my work-related skills. Working with people, improving my communication/social skills, being responsible for paying my car payment & my ortho payment (I still can’t believe little 17-19 year old me did that), having the opportunity to work in a middle/high school setting/preschool with kids, making a difference in a student’s life, and growing as an individual. All these amazing experiences wouldn’t have happened if I left elsewhere.

In high school, especially senior year, community college was talked down upon from some of my teachers. Even the AVID teachers haha! Many would say that it’ll take you longer to finish your general education, you won’t finish at all, or you’ll get preoccupied with whatever else life throws at you and do poorly in class. This can be true if you aren’t dedicated, but can also happen at a CSU/UC. It all depends on how much you want it. If you have a plan and goals, you can do just as well as any other student at the most prestigious school. An education is an education, and no one should make anyone else feel any less for choosing to go a different route to better their future!

I got my Associates in Social & Behavioral Sciences last spring, transferred to CBU as a junior, and maintained a job all within a two year frame. I think I’m doing pretty well, and I do not regret any of the choices I’ve made regarding my academics. If I can do it, anyone can do it!

So, the best advice I could give to you if you’re going through something similar, is to trust the process and not to stress about the things you can’t control. Everything happens for a reason and these obstacles shape us to be the best versions of ourselves. It’s really okay to have a different path compared to everyone else. It’s also perfectly fine for everything not to go the way you wanted it, that’s life. You’re not supposed to have every single detail of your life figured out after high school. I knew that’s what I struggled with when it seemed like I was the only one who didn’t know what I was passionate about. But most importantly, don’t compare yourself to anyone else! You are you! Every experience in your life is gonna shape you into the person you’ll become, it’s important that we all face various situations in our lives because that’s what makes us unique. Not only will they help you in the future, but it can be helpful to those who are going through it too.

↠ a n e l l e ↞




Coconut Oil

When I ran out of micellar water, I decided to try using coconut to remove all my makeup. I took a quarter sized amount & dispersed it all throughout my face and rubbed it in my skin using my fingertips. Coconut oil works SO well for removing any eye makeup. It leaves no residue if you wash it off properly, and also makes your skin super soft after. You can find coconut oil literally anywhere, I think I got my tub at TJ Maxx! I’ve been doing this for three weeks now and I can totally see a difference in my skin! 

Tarte Blush

I’ve never been a blush user until recently! I really love this color, it’s like a peachy/natural nudeish pink lol. I’m awful at explaining and attempting to be descriptive, but I feel like this one goes really well with my skintone.


This is app is soooo cool. I’ve been inconsistent with it since school has started, but I was using it frequently before and I loved it! It’s a meditation app working on breathing techniques for only three minutes! It’s literally so relaxing and definitely clears your mind. I’m one of those people who feels awful when I have a cluttered mind, I feel like I can’t do anything until my mind’s at peace, and this app definitely helps. Plus its free!


Another app! Okay this one is super random but is a life saver! I recently had to make a bunch of copies and was about to head to the store to use a copy machine, but then my dad told me about this app! Honestly this is just a really handy app to have in college/school/work or just life in general! Super simple and easy. All you need to do is take a picture of whatever you need to copy on the app, save it to your camera roll, and print! (Free!)

My Study Life

I am HUGE on organization! This app is time consuming when it comes to inputting all the tasks/inputting your schedule, but I promise once you’re done you’ll feel like the most accomplished person ever lol. I love to-do list, agendas, basically any stationery supplies. If you’re like me and enjoy that, you’ll like this app especially if you’re in school & have tons of deadlines. Sometimes I don’t have my agenda with me all the time, so it’s nice having it on my phone since it’s always with me! (Free, yasss!!)


I recently won this product in a giveaway last month and it has done wonders to my skin! It’s made with coconut milk and hibiscus powder (smells amazing). It’s supposed to soften the skin and it gets the job done. I use it twice a week and after I apply my moisturizer my skin is so smooth! I love it!

Tarte Palette

I’ve talked about this palette that I got forever ago before, but I’ve been using it on the daily lately. I’ve finally figured out how I can work this thing haha. So, I usually always use the shade “sweetheart” all over my lids. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s a soft subtle matte pinky nude lol. I love the natural look & it’s great for an everyday makeup for school/work. I was an Anatasia pomade girl until I realized the shade I had was totally lighter than my hair hahah (like 5 months later). I also wasn’t crazy about the waxy consistency, and I knew I didn’t want to try a pencil again because I do not have a soft hand at all so my brows end up chola status af. I had given up on them last semester and just let them free lol. I had seen some girls on YouTube use dark eyeshadow for their brows, so I gave it try using the shade “smokeshow” on the same palette and I was IN LOVE!!! I love how my brows look after using the eyeshadow with an angled brush.

Tea Tree Oil

I used to use tea tree oil religiously back in 2016 when my skin was awwwfullll. My skin had gotten better, so I didn’t feel the need to use it as much until the end of last year. I had been breaking out so much, and had so many acne marks! I’ve been applying a little bit on the specific areas every morning/night, and I’ve noticed the scars fading!

Lavender Oil

Lately I’ve been obsessed with pouring a few drops of lavender oil/tea tree oil into my shower to create a relaxing aroma. Love love love this, lol I love self-care.


Super random, but omfg this is soooo good. I got the idea from Sivan Ayla’s blog when she posted a delicious pic of avo toast. All you need is to mash your avocados (I used ¾ of an avocado for two slices of toast), lemon juice, chili flakes (I used tajin), pepper, and salt.




Go to Mexico

  • Touristy areas
  • Visit where my family is from
  • Guanajuato
  • Whale watching

Go to Spain

Go to Greece

Go to Africa

  • Safari

Go to Amsterdam

  • Bc TFIOS duh..okay? okay.
  • Anne Frank House

Go to London

  • Abbey Road

Go to Paris


  • Hey Upper East Siders 😉 xoxo



Washington D.C.

Big Sur

Drive all the way through the PCH

  • halfway complete because we only drove through halfway hahah.

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Grand Canyon



  • I was hooked after watching The Proposal.

Go to Niagara Falls

  • Not only is it a beauty, but every Office fan’s dream.

Go to Thailand

San Francisco

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Budget better.

Invest in property (way later).

Get a credit card (I know I’m behind!)

Donate $100 to a charity I really care about.

C A R E E R / S C H O O L

Finish at community college.

Get my associates degree.

Get my Bachelors at CBU.

Graduate with at least a 3.5 GPA.

Get into graduate school for speech-language pathology and survive it.

Work as a SLPA for a year.

Love what I do!

Work with kids in a school setting as a SLP.

Be consistent with my volunteer hours.

Work at a school district.

A D V E N T U R E S / E X P E R I E N C E S

Go whale watching.

  • I didn’t see any whales. 😦

Go on a hot air balloon ride.


Travel on a boat/ship.

Go to Universal Studios Horror Nights at least once in my life.

Hike more.

Learn to surf.

Go paddle boarding.

Travel alone with each one of my family members (mom, dad, sister).

Travel by myself.

Vacay by the beach for a whole summer.

Go to more concerts/festivals.

See Drake live.

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Road trip with friends.

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Take my dad to go to the World Cup. #noerapenal

Visit more coffee shops.

Hold a Disney pass for at least a year.

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Own a boat.

Find a sand dollar.

Collect sea glass.

Own a RV.

Buy a house.

Buy a car.

Get tatteedddd.

Get a piercing (nose, belly button??)

Send out Christmas cards.

Go full interior design mode on my first house.

Get married & proposed to.

Be a bridesmaid/MOH.

Have cool/weird pieces of art in my house.

Have a rectangular pool in my backyard.

Own a poloroid.

Have my own garden of veggies/herbs.


Learn how to cook…better.

Learn how to properly use a telescope.

Take a pottery class.

Be an expert at making chai/matcha from home.

F I T N E S S / H E A L T H 

Run a marathon.

Be a committed vegetarian.

Go to the gym consistently for a semester.

Try a SoulCycle class.

2 0 1 8 V I S I O N B O A R D



My mom got me this really pretty cushioned frame with wooden push pins to create some kind of vision board to put above my desk, and I finally had the time/an idea of how I wanted to do it. I think it’s important to have your goals (either visuals or in writing) be constantly surrounding you. I know that seeing what motivates me helps me during times where I feel really discouraged.

Milk & Honey, The Sun & Her Flowers, Where The Sidewalk Ends, and i wrote this for and only you, I feel, are all apart me somehow. Like most, Rupi’s work can be extremely relatable for young girls experiencing hardships in their life. She had the power to use her tragedy & make it into an exceptional piece of art for people to feel comforted through words and I think that is soooo insane and amazing! Her words are super simple but crazy powerful. Plus the drawings have so much detail in them, I adore! SO, in my vision board I included some of my favorite poems/drawings that I felt would bring me daily positivity! Shel Silverstein is super cool! His poems are very kid-like (I got this book in like fourth grade), but it’s cool how he makes “adult” topics into kid vocab? Haha, just read it and you’ll get what I mean! The Loser is one of my favorites too, but was too long of a poem to pin! Fun fact: I had to recite this poem in my 7th grade English class and died. Clammy hands, high pitched voice, stuttering, you name it. It was bad hahah. #stagefrightaf

I put a lot of random patterns I liked from magazines and just cut them out to make a background for the words that I pasted onto. It was really fun making this, it’s like a big blob of you haha! I have old polaroid pics from way back in the day with me and my cousins, a beach trip from what seems like forever ago, my sister and I in 2015 (crazy), and baby bumble bee me! I added movie tickets, I would have pinned concert tickets but I couldn’t find them *CRYING EMOJIS*,  a sticker from Augies that I think I accidentally stole hahaha. 😦 I swear I’m not a thief, I thought they were free lmao! And then added baby’s breath. Aside from sunflowers obvi, baby’s breath are my second fav! They’re super simple and dainty 🙂 Finally, I pinned a cute picture of golden baby airplanes because duhhhh. Who doesn’t want to travel?! Hoping this year will be the year I can venture out of CA for the big 2 1.

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I so encourage you to make your own vision board and posts whatever is you! Where you want your travel destinations to be this year, fitness/health related goals, empowering words, pictures that bring back memories, anything! Make it all about you and how you want your 2018 to be in visuals.


↠ a n e l l e ↞



  1. Exercise: I really want workout more this new year, and find/make the time to exercise. Even though it’s a hassle to find time with school, I need to be more dedicated into scheduling it in at least 2-3 times a week. I mean, my school has a pretty cool gym, I should take advantage of that!
  2. Decrease the amount of animal products I eat: Okay, y’all already know how hard this one will be for me. I literally am in love with double-doubles from In-N-Out, Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream, CHEESE omfg, pizza, blah blah blah. Yeah, all that awful junk I really like. I recently watched What The Health with my dad and it was insane (I highly recommend it). Anyways, I know it’ll be a difficult transition, but I hope by this time next year I will be a fully committed vegetarian. I think this is pretty realistic goal because adjusting to a more plant-based diet is difficult, trust I’ve tried when I went vegan for a day and a half.
  3. Blog more: I started blogging the beginning of this year and I really enjoy it. I’ve always liked writing, so I figured why not write my thoughts on my own blog! I’ve been reading blogs since my senior year of high school, and I loved seeing what other people had to say about certain products/getting to know them through their writings. Once school started, I wasn’t able to blog as much as I liked because of my schedule, and I literally had no life lol. Blogging makes me happy and is something fun in life, so I plan on putting out more content in 2018!
  4. Read more: It’s really hard for me to find a book or series that I’m really into, so I want to make more of an effort to search for good reads. Dedicating 30 minutes of my day to read, this shouldn’t be hard. It’ll be putting down my phone for 30 minutes that will be hard… >.<
  5. PUT MY PHONE DOWN: I’m on my phone, a lot. I waste so much time on it when I could be working out, spending time with friends/family, studying, anything! A phone obviously can be extremely useful when utilized properly, but I find myself  using it way too much and I gain no benefit from it. This upcoming year I want to limit the amount of time I spend on my phone, and use that time to be more productive.
  6. Write everyday: I’ve kept a journal since my freshman year of high school with all dramatic, annoying, girly daily writings lol ew. Even though I’ve had a journal for so long, I’ve never written daily. My friend Viviana got me the 5 Year Journal for my birthday last month, and I’m obsessed!
  7. Look cute to class: Lol, there were some days where ya girl was just not feeling it. Especially towards the end of the semester when it was exam after exam, and so cold in the morning where it felt nearly impossible to get out of bed. Next semester I’m gonna be at school everyday (again), so I plan to make an effort on my appearance a little more. 😉 btw I didn’t look awwwfful, but just not the cutest hahaha. Strong believer in if you look good, you feel good. Instant mood booster!
  8. Start looking into volunteer hours/summer internships: Having volunteer hours is highly recommended to get into grad school, so during my spring semester I hope I’ll find a school/clinic to start building my volunteer hours.
  9. Grow my hair out: I was just contemplating cutting my hair short like two days ago lol. But fr, I miss my long hair! I am not, I REPEAT, I AM NOT CUTTING MY HAIR SHORT AGAIN THIS YEAR. I haven’t lived the long hair life in so long! I miss only needing one rubber band to put my hair in a bun!
  10. Have my bed made before I leave: I really hate coming home to a messy bed, but I never make it before I leave lol. It’s harder for me to start working on anything I have to do when I get home when my bed looks so comfy and warm. I just end up getting underneath the covers and calling it a day. lolz!


thanks for reading! comment below what your resolutions are for 2018!

↠ a n e l l e ↞